Umass Dartmouth ABSN

  1. Anyone applying to the accelerated BSN program at Umass Dartmouth?
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  3. by   kreyol77
    Didn't know about them, going to apply now. Thanks
  4. by   roseviv
    I applied to the program and am yet to receive any information. I called admissions and they told me to except a letter in 2 to 3 weeks. I hope I get an acceptance letter.
  5. by   Ecase4
    I applied to the program too! Has anyone received any updates?!
  6. by   roseviv
    I emailed ******** and she said the board would meet on the 11th of march to make their first decision. I am staying positive although i already got accepted at Umass Amherst but Dartmouth is closer to me.
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  7. by   Ecase4
    Thanks, Roseviv! Your note saves me from sending ******** another harassing email! I know they are only accepting students for the initial cohort, so I'm very cautiously optimistic!
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  8. by   Chanegan
    Hey guys! I applied to the
    program as well and I am so anxious. When I emailed admissions they said they would be updating our applications as they decided on the 11th but I still haven't heard anything, has anyone else? Also I was wondering what everyone's GPAs and experiences look like! Just trying to determine if I have a shot... I'm a little nervous
  9. by   Ecase4
    I'm hearing now that the committee isn't meeting until next week and we won't know until the end of the month. boo! I also know they are only accepting 8 applicants since this is the first cohort.
  10. by   Chanegan
    8 ??? Oh my gosh who said that? When I spoke to admissions originally they said no more than 20. Hopefully we all get in! It is so nerve racking
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  11. by   Ecase4
    I hope they accept more! I s/w the program director and she said only 8 because this is their first year. However, maybe things have changed!
  12. by   roseviv
    Has anyone heard anything, since the board was scheduled to meet last week during spring break. I reconfirmed that they are only accepting 8- 10 students this initial cohort.
  13. by   Ecase4
    I haven't heard a peep!
  14. by   Ecase4
    I'm in!! Has anyone else heard?