UMass Boston Fall 2013 Traditional BSN - page 2

Hi I applied to UMass Boston for the traditional Nursing BSN program. Has anyone else applied? Heard back with a decision? I'm anxiously waiting..... Read More

  1. by   tifaruby
    Wow.. Yeah its so stressful .. I cant wait.. Im praying everyday !!
  2. by   mjo07
    Good luck!! *fingers crossed
  3. by   tifaruby
    You too!! I'll keep updating status if i get anything.
  4. by   tifaruby
    I checked online and they say the decision has made, i will got the letter in mail within 14 business days.. Did you get anything?
  5. by   mjo07
    omg! No nothing yet...
  6. by   tifaruby
    Did u check application status online? It should be saying something
  7. by   mjo07
    Hey I just checked online and it says a decision has been mailed I read on another thread that if your major still says Nursing that means you probably got in, is this true? I really hope so because mine says Nursing, but I don't want to get my hopes up and find out I got rejected... oh the stress! haha
  8. by   tifaruby
    Hahaha the same thing as my status, my major still nursing and i hope so too, but i dont wanna put my hope for now either lol.. My heart keeps jumping when i think about that!! Do know know other ppl that also apply to Umass?
  9. by   tifaruby
    I think you will get in Mio!! Have you heard back from other school?
  10. by   mjo07
    i havent heard anything.. Well see..
  11. by   kristyn09
    Quote from mjo07
    i havent heard anything.. Well see..
    Just got my letter today in the mail so im guessing you should be getting yours too! I got accepted and my major still says nursing bs on my application status page
  12. by   mjo07
    Congratulations!! Yay!!
  13. by   Uyen Do
    Hi Kristyn09, Congratulations!
    how's your GPA and the TEAS test?