UMASS Amherst Alum?

  1. Hello,

    Any UMASS Amherst SON alum that would be willing to share their thoughts on the school? I'm thinking about going there and just wondered what the various experiences have been.

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   RS0302
    Hello! I dont attend UMASS, but I grew up in Amherst. Umass is a great school overall and I love the Amherst area. I moved to Texas after highschool, but if I had stayed I wouldve gone to Umass. I am considering moving back so I can get my BSN from there. I have heard good things about the school of nursing there. Are you currently living somewhere in that area?
  4. by   sui generis
    No, I don't currently live in the area but my brother lives nearby. I'm thinking about applying for 2007.
  5. by   MBrickle

    I graduated from UMass Amherst but not in nursing. Good friends of mine did and are doing nursing now. Its an excellent program. One of the best. VERY DIFFICULT. They often had early morning weekend clinicals. You cannot apply to the school as a nursing major, u need to take 2 yrs of classes then apply for ur junior year. You better do all A's cause if u dont get in then you have wasted 2 years. Everyone I know has gotten in but u do need to do well, alot of classes will kick you out if you get lower than a 90% on exams....but it can be done! best of luck!
  6. by   DolphinRN84
    I actually just graduated UMASS Amherst May 2006. Well I have mixed feeling about this school. I do agree that overall UMASS is a great school, and I loved the campus. As for the nursing program...personally I wouldn't recommend the program. We've had a lot of problems when I was a student, and it was the disorganization of the program (but what nursing school doesn't?) We've also had problems with student and faculty communication- lots of miscommunication and lack of support for the students. We have ATI products included in the program and we had to pay like 500 bucks or something like that at the time (they told us if we didn't buy it that we would be dismissed from the program). At the time we had to pay it all at once, but now they have a payment plan for students who are having difficulties. And it used to be that you to apply for the upper division- you are "pre-nursing" during your freshman and sophomore years, then by the end of your freshman year, you applied to the upper division. The time I applied, you got in or not. Then they changed it so that the ones who didn't make it for the fall semester, could make it for the spring semester, so they were a semester behind us, even though we took most of the the pre-reqs together. They've changed it again so that it applies this Fall 2006, students will now be in the Nursing program straight out of high school, instead of applying. This makes the program MORE DIFFICULT to get in, and very competitive. If you're a transfer student, you most likely won't get in, because they are not accepting transfer students at this time, and will only accept if there are spaces. The reason for this high competition is not enough faculty to teach the nursing students. So they are limiting slots to like in the 60's. Anyways that's just my 2 cents. Overall I really loved for the program...well I'm just kind mixed about it. But it is completely up to you. I'm sure you will make a good decision either way. GOOD LUCK!
  7. by   Student at UMass