Traditional Mass BSN programs

  1. Has anyone here on this site who already has a Bachelor's degree ever been admitted to a traditional track (four years or less) BSN program in Massachusetts? Any information or advice to give out? I'm just curious to know about how the process all went and my chances of possibly getting accepted.

    Thank you in advance for your responses... They are all very much appreciated
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  3. by   rdubs
    Yes, I have a Bachelor's degree from BU and I got into the traditional BSN program at UMass Boston. They said it will take me 3 years to complete the program.
  4. by   psulli2010
    I got my first BS from Northeastern and I will be attending Umass Boston in the fall. They told me it will take me 3 years to complete as well. Personally, i thought my chances of getting into a traditional program were pretty good because I already had a degree, so that's why I opted for the traditional route. And I didnt really have any of the prereqs completed, so it probably would have taken the same amount of time as an accelerated program anyway. Do you have any specific programs in mind ??
  5. by   JoyNPikachu98
    Thank you rdubs for your input!! You have put my mind at ease...

    psulli2010: Funny enough, both you and rdubs mentioned the very program I was interested in trying to get into. I graduated from Regis College last May and have been taking a lot of classes at MassBay Community College. As of right now, I only have two more pre-reqs to complete and I'm retaking one more in the fall before I send in my application in November. I tried to get into MassBay's program, but I was rejected and started looking at traditional programs with state schools. The only school to give me answers and hope was UMass so I'm definitely hoping that I can get accepted with them.

    psulli2010 and rdubs: THANK YOU so much for giving me some hope... I really appreciate it a lot
  6. by   psulli2010
    Glad to help! I think you have a very good chance of getting in, especially if you are taking classes now. Are you applying for January 2012?? If you need help with anything feel free to message me. Good luck with everything!
  7. by   JoyNPikachu98
    Thank you psulli2010!!! I am applying for January 2012 and I'm going to an information session on May 11th. I am looking into some accelerated programs but I'd rather learn at a slower pace and just spend less money on a traditional program. One of my reasons for picking UMass Boston is because I don't have to wait an entire year to apply and go to school. Any other schools I find or hear about that are willing to take me I'll be applying to them right away