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  1. The Cambridge Hospital called me about their birth center and now have an opening in my specialty, and I was wondering if anyone has any experience with them. I'm scared to start at another place I'll hate...also does anyone know about St. Elizabeth's Medical Center?

    I would love to work at Brigham and Women's, I've been applying for months! HR says postpartum is tough to get into as people stay there til they retire or die, and the job posting technically are public but are going to internals switching shifts and departments. I have applied to every hospital around, even trying to get my foot in the door working per diem or in a different area, and can't even get an interview with a nurse manager! If I can't get a full time position soon I'm seriously considering moving back to CA where I received better pay, benefits, and best of all patient ratios!

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    Hi Bluebelles. Im in the same boat as you, and I live in MA! I think its ridiculous how you have experience and you can't even get a job around here. I just graduated in May and passed the boards in July and am STILL looking for a job myself. Most of the girls I graduated with have job I'm getting discouraged. I don't really have info on Cambridge Hospital. I did apply to a position there a long time ago but they never got back to me. I have also applied to the Brigham..but it seems impossible to get a job there, since I've had people tell me you pretty much need to know someone there to work there. I did three clinical rotations at St. Elizabeth's. For fundamentals/med-surg, maternity/OB, and my internship in the ED. St. Elizabeth's is ok. I'm not sure about pay though. I hope you find something....i'm getting frustrated....YOU'RE DEFINITELY NOT ALONE!.