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I currently live in Boston and have been accepted to the second bachelors program at both Johns Hopkins and Simmons. Is there anyone who can give me any advice about the Simmons program? I've had the... Read More

  1. by   LewisNClark
    I will be commuting, so I would rather have a 12-14 hour single day than 2 6 or 7 hour days, you know? One of the big attractions of this program is the longer days and from the look I took at the course catalog, they also have some options for weekend clinicals, which is better for me with my kids because at least I know they'll be with my husband. Good to hear about their flexibility as well....
  2. by   graymama
    Hah! I also have kids and took all weekend clinicals - no one wants them, so there are always openings. : )
  3. by   mass234
    Hi all,

    I am also considering going to Simmons for their second degree program. Sorry to tag onto this thread, but I was wondering if anyone who has gone through Simmons could share their experiences with the school itself, and approximate job placement of peers after graduation. Do many have to relocate from Boston post-grad?

    I am also considering another school higher in ranking, although I realize that ranking may not mean very much. As someone said before, it could potentially mean just professors more interested in research than teaching.

    Really, I am just concerned with having a job after graduation. Both schools are very expensive!

    Does anyone have any advice? I'd be very appreciative of any input.