Roxbury Community College Nursing 2017

  1. Hello, I am new posting here; however, I wanted to know if anyone applied for the Nursing Program at Roxbury Community College. My GPA is 3.58 with A in Ap1 and B+ in AP2, a B in Microbiology. I did well on my TEAS testing. Anyone else apply? If so, are you excited to hear back? Let me know!
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  3. by   Carlabraga93
    Have you heard back form RCC yet? I applied as well. I called the Nursing department last week and they told me the letters have been sent out and that I would get a response by this week but so far...nothing. My sister in law went to there and loved it! It's also extremely affordable.
  4. by   gcano93
    I did not, I thought they were sending out acceptance and denial letters at the end of this month?! I hope I get in! What credentials did you apply with? I only need to do is clinicals.
  5. by   Carlabraga93
    I only need the nursing classes themselves. All f my prerequisites are done including A&P 1 and 2. I really hope they come come in soon!
  6. by   gcano93
    Oh that's good! Iam finishing up both AP2 and Microbiology-both of which I am passing one with an A- and the other with a solid B. It's nerve-wrecking waiting for the results.
  7. by   gcano93
    Did you find out today?
  8. by   Carlabraga93
    I didn't. Did you?
  9. by   gcano93
    No, ugh this is annoying!haha
  10. by   Carlabraga93
    Very annoying! Did you apply anywhere else?
  11. by   gcano93
    I did, UMB, many southern schools (BSN programs I'm in the range for a BSN) just trying to get into a nursing program.
  12. by   gcano93
    I still haven't head anything. This is painful!
  13. by   Carlabraga93
    I don't understand what's taking so long! Have you tried calling?
  14. by   gcano93
    I have no idea,do you have an email for we can contct each other?