Roxbury Community college ASN 2016 FULL TIME

  1. Any opinions on this nursing program? It would be my last choice because of location.
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  3. by   marabou1
    Hello there!
    Tell us more about yourself. Aside from location, what are your other reasons for going vs. not going? Aren't there any other schools where you live? What are your grades like?

    I want to give you a thorough response based on what I know since I attend RCC now
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  4. by   sweettee1
    HI there !
    RCC is a good program as far as the course materials. RCC is very unorganized, there for you need to be. Right now they are revamping the whole program because of nurses not passing on the first try when taking the NCLEX. Clinical was fun and exciting but you have to be willing to dive into the unknown and not let your fears take over. Overall RCC nursing program is no JOKE !!! Fundamentals was hard but it only gets harder from here on out. I just finished my first semester on may 2, 2016 in the full time evening program and it was intense. I am so afraid of semester 2 that I begun studying now while I have the summer off. YouTube is a life saver and quizlet please don't sleep on both of these things because it will make a different in how you retain the information. Also do a lot of practice questions it will save you on your exams. Nursing is a beast in it self, so you have to take it very serious and eat, sleep and s@#t nursing. Overall just try to have fun with it.
  5. by   jeniece15
    Hi are you still attending the nursing program?
  6. by   Starfish4
    Weren't you accepted to Brockton Hospital School of Nursing and UMass Boston last year? Are you just cat fishing everyone here?
  7. by   sweettee1
    Hi jeniece15, I'm sorry for the delay in getting back to you but the nursing program is so demanding I don't even have time to think. Yes, I still attend Roxbury Community College and I am in my last semester which is maternity, pediatrics, and geriatrics along with an online leadership and management class which is separate from those subject I just mentioned. RCC is also partnered with Boston Medical Center and I currently work as a CNA on a med-surgical floor. Now I am trying to get information for their nurse new graduate program. Please feel free to ask me any question on getting into RCC nursing program. I am a class rep and I sit on two committees. One of them being the curriculum committee. RCC has revamped their whole nursing program starting this fall 2017. It is more work to get in and the curriculum is more rigorous. To answer Starfish4 question no I was not accepted into Brockton Hospital program because I changed my mind and didn't apply but I did apply to Massasoit Community College and was not accepted because I still had one prerequisite to finish which was microbiology. MCC does not play around at all. You need all your prerequisite done before you even apply to them but I still gave it a shot and was rejected but a few days later I got my acceptance letter from RCC and was very happy. Just don't put all your eggs in one basket. With Gods will I'll get pinned this Dec 2017.
  8. by   jeniece15
    Hey!! I am going to RCC now too, about to start my second semester, I too took the program as a CNA at BMC on the oncology med surg floor! Omg yes I have and will have so many questions!!
  9. by   sweettee1
    Hi, jeniece15 I can definitely guide you through these next few semesters. So you're going into 151 which is Med-Surg with a new Professor but I can tell you now start learning fluids and electrolytes and renal. This should be your first exam unless the new Professor has changed it. Do well on the quizzes, preclinical packets, poster presentation, IHI open school lesson and the concept map with paper. This is key!