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  1. [font=franklin gothic medium]hello everyone,

    i was wondering if anyone out there knows how long the full time day quincy college rn program wait list is? i am finishing up my pre-reqs and am looking to begin the rn program asap. i have tried calling the school but for some reason i just keep getting the voicemail of the admissions office or transferred to a bunch of different extensions. please help!!!

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  3. by   jam2007
    That's frustrating! If you're nearby, I would stop by. I did my pre-reqs there and had issues with getting a real person. If you can't stop by, I would call again and ask to speak to the head of the department.
    Good luck!
  4. by   Eccentric1RN
    yes, it is very frustrating!! i am going to try to stop by before the holiday break. ugh... so jam do you currently attend qc?
  5. by   jam2007
    No...but I did take all my science prereqs there

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