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  1. I'm starting the full time day RN program in the fall, and I was hoping to hear from previous QC grads. I'll be going to the Plymouth campus which is just starting it's full time program this year, so info from the school is pretty limited.

    I have a bunch of gen eds to take still, AP1&2, Micro, History, Eng2 and a computer class. I figure if i take one class with each nursing core, and then one each summer session the summer between I should be okay. People keep acting like this is an unrealistic plan and I was just wondering if anyone else has survived a similar situation.

    I do work three days a week, but they're pretty flexible, I have lots of down time and I'll probably honestly get more done there than at home with a one year old.

    Really, I just need someone to tell me I'm not completely insane for thinking I can balance all of this. Oh, and if anyone can recommend which books are used right away and which I might be able to wait until October to order when I get my financial aid refund, I'd appreciate that too.

    Thanks in advance!
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