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  1. Hi! (Warning this is going to be long)
    I'm going to start my sophomore year majoring in pre-nursing or health specialization at northern essex community college. When I was in highschool i didn't know what SAT's were because I came from Israel freshman year so I had no clue about anything and still don't have a clue. when I asked my guidance counselor what SAT's were he answered "don't worry about it." Because he just assumed that I won't go to college but I was so confused and I didn't know what I wanted. In the summer after graduating high school I realized that I always wanted to be a nurse, but no school accepts transfers (not the ones the work for me) right now in community college I'm an honors student but I think that it's still expensive for community college just for an RN degree so i'd rather go to a state school and get a BSN but it doesn't seem to be an option. I'm really interested in the UMASS AMHERST nursing program and I feel like i fit in this school. So the point of this post... what if I wrote an email about myself and how bad I want to get into their program so that they consider accepting? I know that this sounds very dumb. But I have worked very hard and went through alot and I think that I deserve to be in a good program. (Aren't we all though) But no one helped me because my parents have never experienced college in America and other people didn't seem to do their job.

    please help
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    Thanks for the help.