MCPHS Interview for accelerated RN program

  1. Hey everyone!

    I promised myself that if I got into MCPHS Accelerated BSN program than I would post information about my interview, and I got in yesterday!!!! Before my interview, and after, I did numerous Internet searches about the whole interview process. I didn't find much.

    So, here it goes...

    If you got an interview that is 80% of the battle. They already want you but perhaps your grades weren't that good or it took you a long time to finish your undergrad. Whatever the reason, they want to hear why. It took me a ridiculous amount of time to finish my undergrad and I did poorly the first two years, I basically had to explain myself.

    They want to make sure that you will be able to successfully complete the program, and therefore, pass the NCLEX. They want you to demonstrate your understanding of the program. That you know it's going to be intense and what is your plan, i.e living with parents, quitting your job/work part time. When in the program, your life resolves around the program and it's demands.

    Ask pertinent questions about the school and the program. To add a more personal feel, you can ask the interviewer how they got into nursing and if anyone else in their family is in the same field (often times, a nursing profession is passed down).

    Know what kind of nurse you want to be.

    Check out the curriculum and bring up questions, if not directly asked, about specific classes/events. This is so that the interviewer knows that you have done some research.

    Do now walk in empty handed. Bring a notebook with your questions written down, bring a folder with a copy of you submitted essay and a print out of the curriculum.

    There is a 30 minutes essay that you must write before the interview. They topics are easy, but when under pressure, could be difficult to write about off the top of your head. If you can't think of a scenario that will fit the question, make one up. They are looking for format, punctuation and grammar, not for an awesome story/opinion.

    If you're nervous, it's okay to tell them! I did, and I think she thought that it was endearing.

    I honestly thought my interview went poorly and my essay sucked, but I got in. I stumbled on questions, I was visibly nervous, and paused many times. What I did do though was, I made her laugh, we had something in common (family in nursing), and I asked damn good questions, she stated multiple times "good question".

    Good luck everyone, I'm sure you will do fine!
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