MCPHS Accelerated BSN Fall 2012

  1. Anyone else accepted to this program? I just got my acceptance package today. I'm wondering if there is a website for newly accepted students to exchange info because I'd like to room with a fellow student. I'm going to be relocating from NJ to MA, so I have quite a few preparations to make until September. I'm very excited!
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  3. by   demeanor89
    I'm almost done with my application..due June 1 and will send out by next week! Hopefully it works out!!
  4. by   Fattie
    Hi All,

    Anyone applied to the Manchester one for Fall 2012?
  5. by   Fattie
    Hi Naijanurse2012,
    I just got my acceptance letter for MCPHS Manchesters' BSN.
    Are you too, in the same campus?!

    Anyone from last years' cohort, pls help,
    I want to know about the class schedule? how many days a week, clinicals, and how is the first semester in general?

  6. by   nazzz
    Hi Naijanurse2012!
    This is my first post to allnurses. I have also been accepted to the accelerated BSN for Fall 2012 in Manchester....and I am also from NJ!! How exciting!

    I haven't decided for sure if I will be attending, but I'm 80% sure for now. It would be nice to meet up or stay in touch. Perhaps we can even room together. I'll keep you posted.

    Also if anyone else is out there for this cohort please post here or let us know about any other websites/Facebook groups so we can exchange info/keep in touch/help each other out!
  7. by   HighlyFav
    Hello all,

    I also got accepted in MCPHS-Manchester Fall2012 ABSN and i am also relocating from NJ. I would love to hear from my future fellow students.
  8. by   nazzz
    Hi all - for those of you from NJ, where are you guys from? I'm from Edison.

    Also are you all looking for apartments near school and bringing your cars with you to get to clinicals etc?
  9. by   demeanor89
    Did any of you get an interview?
    I actually decided to pospone my application to spring 2013 and got an interview invite, however I want to prepare and would like to know how the interview is like and the kind of questions they ask. Can anyone help..please?