MassBay RN Program Deadline?

  1. Anyone know if there is a deadline for this program? Does it start only in the fall?

    Any other input would be helpful!

    Thanks :-)
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  3. by   jennykeegs
    Hi there. I believe(pretty sure) the deadline is February. And both the evening & day programs now start in the fall. You have to get most of your pre/co-reqs done before you will be accepted into the program. It's pretty competitive. Some things they look at before accepting you is the amount of credits received at MassBay, GPA & now some other test that I have forgotten at the moment. I will apply for Fall 2013, I have taken my time so I can keep the gpa up, which is difficult while raising little ones. They have 2 campuses, 1 in Wellesley & one in Framingham. The actual nursing courses are only at Framingham but you can take the pre/co-reqs at both. A good piece of advice when choosing courses....check out the professors on, it has made a significant difference in my experience. Good luck to you!