Massbay MBCC Jan. 2010 - page 2

Thought I would start a thread for those, like myself, looking to start at MassBay Jan. 2010. I understand the school starts reviewing applications June 1st. I am hoping for the best!... Read More

  1. by   tanager
    I got a waitlist spot this past week! So I start in January.
  2. by   ufo123

    I bumped into your thread while searching the internet. I am also a student @ massbay waiting to get accepted into nursing for evening in Jan 2011. So, I saw one of your replies back in august that you got the letter but didn't get in but after few months you got accepted. How come? Did they review your case?
  3. by   fay.
    While googling, I found this thread.
    I am starting the Day program in September (yay!) but had a friend who went to the info session and..
    She said that the EVENING PROGRAM starting January '11 is no longer running- is this true?
    If it is that is really messed up no one was given a warning. I almost applied to the night program but had a change of mind and did the DAY- thank God, right?
    If someone knows if this is true I'd like to hear from them!
  4. by   sballou7

    Could someone explain the evening program in detail? Are all class times, labs, clinicals 6pm or later during thw work week
    Or on weekends?