looking to get some info from experienced RN's in the Boston/Cambridge area

  1. Hello Nurses!!

    I'm looking to chat with nurses in the Boston and Cambridge areas. I'm an experienced RN, BSN from San Francisco, California who is toying with the idea of relocating to Boston in the next few years. Just looking for some info from a local perspective as to wages, hospitals, ratios, etc. I'm happy to reciprocate if your interested in nursing life in San Francisco.

    I have 4 years of experience and all of that has been in the Emergency Department (will have 5+ years by the time I expect to make this move). I work in a level 2 ER currently. Moderate experience with trauma. My ER is a stroke center, has a cath lab, with all the bells and whistles. I'm also a PICC nurse and have 1 1/2 years experience placing PICC lines.

    So, what would I expect to make? Are the union hospitals vs non-union pay scales much different?
    Any hospitals with good reputations you think I should check out?

    I think most consider the standard of living in Boston to be high - but coming from SF I doubt I would even bat an eye. I know I'd expect a pay cut moving to Mass but I think some of that would be offset by the lower standard of living.

    Any input?? What ever info you have to share is greatly appreciated.

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  3. by   NeoPediRN
    There are many many posts about this subject if you do a search. I would check out Beth Israel in Boston, they almost always have a need for experienced ER nurses, are a Level I trauma center and teaching hospital with a high influx of head traumas and active medflight. Its hard to give you advice since youre a few years out of moving this way. Things could be dramatically different by then. We have absolutely no nursing shortage here. Pay rate for any experienced RN is also different by a few dollars an hour from hospital to hospital. Average is probably between $35 and $37 an hour. I know you think you wont bat an eye at the cost of living, but you will. If you want to live in the city a DECENT 1 bedroom is around $1500 a month.
  4. by   kbok
    the harvard affiliated hospitals in boston are Beth Israel, Brigham and women's hospital, and Mass general hospital. all good hospitals to work for. Brigham and women's has some openings for ER nurses, as i recall seeing in job postings recently.

    with your experiene i dont' think you'd have difficulty interviewing for a job, although it is true that there is no nursing shortage here. usually you have to know someone or have a connection to get into a hospital.

    if you like trauma, Boston Medical Center sees a lot of trauma. thats where most of the underserved population get their care. however, massachusetts requires healthcare for all so the 'uninsured' are actually insured, and they can go to any hospital really. but generally speaking most trauma goes through BMC so i've heard.

    and about the standard of living... we couldn't even find a decent 1 bedroom for $1500. we were paying that much for a STUDIO. -_-
  5. by   NeoPediRN
    Almost any Level I trauma center in Boston sees a lot of trauma to be honest. The hospitals are renowned and patients are lifeflighted from surrounding states to be treated there. The resources of Boston hospitals are plentiful.
    For housing, craigslist is a good resource for decent apartments at decent pricing.