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  1. I'm a teacher by day, tutor by night , and at 49, I'm finishing Anatomy 2 and Micro, my last 2 prereqs at Bunker Hill Community College, Charlestown, Ma-I will be applying Dec. 29th to their weekend program Nursing 2 year RN-heard it's swamped with applicants but I'm staying hopeful-have always wanted to be a nurse and need to do it now before it's too late-my question is-since I don't have any spring classes and since I won't be starting until the fall(if I get in), does anyone know if Winchester Hospital in Winchester, MA offers a CNA 6 week course-I heard about it but haven't found it today on-line. I don't want the Red Cross one-I think it would be good to do this while I"m waiting-what do you veterans think? Thanks for the thoughts-Jeannie
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  3. by   sumdae
    Just wanted to give you a heads up. If your pre-req. grades are good (mostly A's) and you do well on the admissions test (i easily got 98% after studying the review book), you will probably be admitted to BHCC. I got in without being put on the waiting list and I know three others who did as well. Just wanted you to know it is not impossible by any means. I'm going to curry college for their bsn program, so I don't personally have any info about the BHCC program. Good luck!
  4. by   downesRN
    Just go to the website, call the main line, and ask about CNA courses. After reading your post, I went to the site, didn't the the info, and called them. They put me straight through. The January course is full, but the next one in Feb is still open. YOu have to take a test (basic math), and they will allow you to register after that.

    Hope you get into a class!