Boston Medical Center??

  1. Hello everyone out there!!
    Just looking for a little help. I am wondering if I could get some more information regarding Boston Medical Center. I am applying for jobs and trying to keep all of my options open. BMC is a hopsital that I don't know a whole lot about so if anyone has any info regarding pay rates, staff/patient ratios, hours, staff environment, etc, that would be great!!! :spin:
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  3. by   DolphinRN84
    Hi there! I don't work at BMC, but I have heard some good things about BMC. I believe the pay is really good there..not sure how much. I actually applied there and did hear back from them but by that time I had started orientation at the BIDMC. I'll reconsider reapplying there or MGH. Let me know what info you came up with!
  4. by   LaborNurse1
    BMC is union, which is why there salary is competitive. They also offer very affordable health benefits. The down side is that the union environment can set up negative atmospheres in certain areas/units. THis could be said of any union place, so I guess you would just have to get a feel for the place on an interview.