Boston area Associate Degree RN Programs

  1. After viewing all the posts on this site, without becoming a member, I decided to create an account and reach out! I was not accepted to BHCC this Spring, what a BUMMER!

    I am looking for input regarding associate degree RN programs in the Boston area. If anyone has any input about the admissions process, odds of being accepted, what grades you need, or any advice at all about the schools listed below please let me know. Also, if you have any othe programs in mind that I have not mentioned, please let me know that as well!

    -Quincy College

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  3. by   Erindel RN
    hi, i currently am in the first semester of nursing at middlesex cc. i was on the waitlist for a year and a half. i know mcc does not require chem as a prereq. u have to take the teas and pass with over a 58 percent. i know with regis they do not require the teas test. they weigh heavily alot on good grades from what i have heard... mcc has a mandatory nursing meeting u must attend if u have any ques about entering the program. i really enjoy the program here at mcc. it is alot of work and really intense but the teachers are great so far and they are fair and willing to help. goodluck in your search and i hope u get in somewhere soon.... erin
  4. by   EG24
    Thank you! I spoke to LMH/Regis, and hoping to gather all my reccomendations this week and bring the application to them. Have you (or anyone else for that matter), heard of people getting rejected from LMH/Regis?
  5. by   Erindel RN
    your welcome....
    the only thing ive heard about regis and people not getting in is if their grades are low, esp science grades.. other than that, u should be good to go! i have heard that if u turn in your app there and they call u for an interview then usually u get in. i am just basing this on things i have been told about that program. i have a friend who graduated there six years ago and she said it was a good program, plus u could slide right in and continue with your bsn if thats something u want later in life.... goodluck
  6. by   JoyNPikachu98
    LMH/Regis always has a big graduating class from their program. I know this because I went to Regis during my undergrad years. At my graduation in 2010, less than 90 students graduated from the BSN program, but over 150 graduated from the LMH/Regis program. From what I've heard, LMH is hard, but the students are cared for and attended to, as everyone only wants the best for them and wants to see everyone succeed. I can't say much about the BSN program (I had a lot of friends in that program) because I don't want to discourage anyone from applying or going to the school. Just make sure your grades are top-notch and you shouldn't have a problem with getting in whatsoever