Any Nurse Aestheticians out there in Mass??

  1. Hi Everyone,
    I am a RN w/ an esthetic license. I have been nursing for 20 years and have not done much w/ my esthetic license.
    I really want to get into medical aesthetics.
    I did go to Elizabeth Grady for 600 hours and got a medical esthetics certificate.
    I also taught theory briefly at Catherine Hinds.
    I have seen from some threads that RN's dont need to go back to school- that they can get onsite training.
    I am having a hard time finding a job.
    Any suggestions??
    Thanks much
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  3. by   KMW
    hello kim,
    got your pm re: laser training. i did have some luck and got the training. it was very costly yet private & very helpful. i would not recommend doing what i did. there are other options to get this training on-the-job for free. although you will have to be persistent a "med-spa" or plastic surgeon will eventually hire you as an rn and train you. you will get paid far less then usual for an rn. but if you can manage to take a part time job with one of them while working your rn position this is the best way to go about it.

    i actually put my ambitions of starting a "med spa" on hold due to 3 things:
    #1 - the liability involved
    #2 - back then (that was an old post) laser hair removal was not yet considered to be "within the realm of nursing care" and it was under investigation by the ma. board of nursing.
    #3 - after learning more about the treatment i had some moral/ethical issues with it. because it is in fact not "permanent" hair removal, as most people believe.

    so, as far as the med spa field goes i would advise against pursuing it. there is just too much liability and overhead involved in starting your own shop. unless you have a very healthy amount of cash to invest in it, a couple of years to waste making very little profit and the patience to deal with consistently unsatisfied customers. remember: extremely vain people (your clients) are seeking something they will most likely never attain. when they do not – its your fault not their unrealistic goals. it will not matter how much education you gave them…they will want a refund or they will sue you, possibly both! and since you’re an rn they may feel it is within reason to report you to the board of nursing. you’re on your own out there and insurance will not keep you from losing your license.

    if a new career or just a change is what you are seeking try something completely different then nursing. i promise you it will be a breath of fresh air and worth every second. i have been fairly successful so far with my small business. i started it many years ago while in college just to earn some extra cash. there is lots of fun and creativity involved, virtually no liability or overhead and for the most part clients are extremely thankful for your services.

    hope some of this has been helpful. feel free to contact me if you have other questions or if you have an interest in doing this sort of thing yourself.

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