Anone else apply to Simmons Dix Scholars?

  1. I sent in all my info and am just waiting to see its been received online. After much soul searching and trying a few options, I know this is the right program. My fingers are crossed. Good luck to anyone else applying :-)
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  3. by   ali3881

    I've also applied to the Simmons Dix scholars program. They are just waiting to receive my updated transcript from my last semester of school, which is on it's way there. I hope I don't have to wait too long to find out as I've had all my other stuff in since November. Did you apply to the 2 year or ABSN program?
  4. by   kiki617
    Hi Ali3881,
    I should have done the same but instead waited to get my final transcript and mailed everything together. I applied to another program a couple years ago and it was such a pain because I sent things in at different times, they almost didnt review my application! I doubt Simmons would be this unorganized but I still was nervous to send it after everything else.

    I applied for the two year despite having a previous bachelors. I would love to do the ABSN but financially cant swing it, I need to work as much as I can. Good luck to you and keep me posted on here when you get in
  5. by   ryanalice
    I applied for this program too. My admissions advisor said we would find out in February. I've had my materials in since November too - it's so hard to wait!
  6. by   ali3881
    I know....I wish I could find out right now. I applied for the 2 year because I only have an Associates now. In your application does it still say that your file is under review for completion?
  7. by   kiki617
    Mine says it is waiting for my transcripts, which i mailed and they should have received at this point. I'm going to email the advisor because I really want to be reviewed this month (I guess they review at the end of each month beginning in Jan).

    Good Luck Ryanalice!
  8. by   ryanalice
    I'm so nervous!! Did you guys apply to other programs? I was accepted to the traditional program at Umass Boston but I decided against it as it looked like it would take me a good three years, even with a previous bachelor's. If I don't get accepted at Simmons, I'm going to apply to Curry's ACCEL but they don't start until next Jan. I don't know, maybe I should have applied to a few more. These days are going by very slow. Come on February!!
  9. by   ryanalice
    I applied to the 18 month which starts this summer.
  10. by   kiki617
    I Didn't apply to any other programs. I applied to Umass accelerated a few years ago and did not get in. I was acepted into an ASN program but opted to go for the BSN since it would cost about the same and take the same time.

    My application status has changed to 'under'review' online. i'll be checking it like crazy for the next month for sure!
  11. by   mjo07
    Hi, I applied to the program as well. I sent in my application in December and was told we would hear by February.. Soo nervous!! Good luck everyone
  12. by   mjo07
    Did anyone interview?? Do you mind me asking how your stats are? TEAS scores, PreReq GPA, GPA?
  13. by   kiki617
    Quote from cjdiaz
    Did anyone interview?? Do you mind me asking how your stats are? TEAS scores, PreReq GPA, GPA?
    Hi cjdiaz,
    I didn't interview, but mainly because I really didn't have any questions. I found the info session to be incredible thorough and I had researched the program for a few years.
    I didn't take TEAS, but my gpa for both is around 3.2 ish. I'm hoping my volunteer experience will help since my grades haven't been straight A's. I've been volunteering for a few years at mgh and have been in a critical floor assisting families at bedside under direction of the nurse director. I also sent more recommendations than the required two. They have a tough job choosing people, I think credentials aside there's a bit of luck involved. Ill just keep applying if I'm not in this year
  14. by   ali3881
    I interviewed over the summer. It was more so you could ask them questions and they could get to know you better. I didn't take the TEAS, but they took my SAT scores because they don't expire. She said they look for over 500 for math and I have a 530 so I didn't needed to take the TEAS. My gpa from the first time I went to college 10 years ago was terrible like a 1.97. I just graduated from Quincy College with my AS in Natural Science with a 3.97 cumulative and 4.0 prereq gpa. They told me they weigh more recent course work more than older and your personal statement is really important if you had not so great grades in the past.