Anone else apply to Simmons Dix Scholars? - page 4

I sent in all my info and am just waiting to see its been received online. After much soul searching and trying a few options, I know this is the right program. My fingers are crossed. Good luck to... Read More

  1. by   kiki617
    Yes, this is def nerve wracking. I applied to the 2 year but also told my admission counselor I am open to 18month as I have a previous bachelors. Online it hasnt changed yet to reflect that a decision has been made, wonder if they do change it?
  2. by   mjo07
    I keep checking as well, and it's always the same.. it is becoming a daily ritual for me to check online omg! I can't wait until this wait ends
  3. by   ali3881
    Me too....I keep checking online and my mail, I don't how much longer I can wait!
  4. by   mjo07
    Has anyone heard anything? Sorry to be so obsessive lol but I havent heard anything.. <- Big sad face
  5. by   ali3881
    I haven't heard anything yet either.....
  6. by   kiki617
    I haven't heard yet either. I emailed my admission counselor today to see if she has any updates. Trying to remain positive :-/
  7. by   mjo07
    I called, I couldn't help it! So, my application is under final review and my decision letter will go out shortly. More waiting...
  8. by   kiki617
    I was told previously that they review at the end of each month, so I suppose it's good we are still getting reviewed.

    still hate waiting though!
  9. by   mjo07
    Yes I suppose it is a good thing.. I want to fast forward time and just know, so I can move on hehe
  10. by   ali3881
    I feel the same i can't make any plans till i know. Did your status change online out does it still say it's under review for completion?
  11. by   mjo07
    It still says under review for completion.. how about you?
  12. by   ali3881
    Same thing.
  13. by   mjo07
    My decision letter was mailed out on Friday, according to my admissions counselor. oh my!! I am now a little more stressed, I hope it is good news for everyone!