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Massachusetts- NLN vs CCNE


Which accredidation is more preffered?

  1. 1. Which accredidation is more preffered?

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hey guys, I'm a registered nurse and am currently working for a Homecare agency in the greater Boston area. I have my associate's degree but have always intended on progressing to my BSN. After careful thought and witnessing my mother working for her MSN I realized I'd much rather do a bridge program from RN to MSN. I don't want to teach but instead want a masters in nurse Leadership. Being full time, like many others, I feel that the best option for me would be a full online program. I've looked into many different schools but am really leaning towards Chamberlain or Western Governors. Then I started looking into accreditations. I was lead to believe NLN was more widely preferred. But nearly all online programs are CCNE.

I'm worried that being in Massachusetts and knowing how competitive it is, that a masters degree from an CCNE accredited school won't be enough. I was hoping you guys could maybe help me figure out if this is a valid concern or not?! Thank you :)