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HELLO WORLD! I just graduated in May 2018 with my BSN (out of state). I received my license July 2018. I have been applying left and right in Boston for jobs since getting my license. My dream job is Boston Children's Hospital, but I am willing to work anywhere.

I did my 336 hour practicum in a children's hospital, worked as a nursing assistant in that hospital for 1.5 years, and also did my summer externship on the adult side of that hospital. I know that many other candidates have strong resumes, but I'm wondering how much these experiences might help me.

In general, does anyone have an actual feel for what the job market is like? For example, I have a contact who graduated in 2017 from out of state, took boards early, and got a job at Boston Children's (implying they had no connections due to working as a nursing assistant already).

EDIT: my current perception of this whole situation is that i'm nothing special really since i'm a new grad anyway, and that i shouldn't get my hopes up.

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