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Hi all!

I have a question on behalf of my husband. We are currently in WV, where he recently started working as a "clinical assistant" at a huge university hospital. He is not a certified CNA, but seems to perform similar functions. He hopes to start taking nursing (RN) classes next year, but for now he loves his job.

At the end of the summer, we are going to be moving to central Massachusetts for my graduate program. Obviously we need to pay for expenses, and he'll need to find a job asap. My question is; is it likely he'll find another job similar to what he does now without being a CNA? I'm just confused on the requirements to getting hired for that type of job at a hospital from state to state. Ideally he would like to continue working in a hospital in some capacity, but I want to be prepared with other options, incase finding a clinical assistant-type job in MA is unlikely. My other question is what we should expect as far as pay when moving to MA. Right now he works full time at ~13.50/hr.

Ideally he would have loved to become certified as a CNA, but it doesn't seem like a possibility to complete before we move and start job-hunting. I'm sorry if these questions seem silly - I really have no knowledge about the human medical world! We have tried to research on our own, but honestly the more we look the more confused we get!

Thanks in advance.

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