Maryville np program online


Hello all.

I recently completed my BSN (online) and it was pretty intense. They claimed that it was "doable" while working Full-Time. I would have found it a bit easier to work 2-12 hour days instead of 3 as I do now. I busted my you-know-what and still ended up with a 4.0.

My question is….has anyone started and completed an online NP program (specifically Maryville) while working FT? I am not sure how it is possible if one works 3-12 hour days and only has 2 weekdays to fit all the clinical requirements in and study, take tests etc. etc.

I surely do not want to pay a boatload of money only to be ground into the mud financially and mentally. Not to mention I am 46 now and I have to consider whether or not I want to have that financial burden this late in life!

I am at a cross-roads. Go through the NP program (2 1/2 years) and get about $10,000 in financial assistant from my employer, which leaves my with $30,000-$40,000 to pay. Or, get an MSN in Infection Control and Prevention and take courses PT (4+ years) and have pretty much the entire thing paid for my my employer. It would be a very easy decision if I did not have to pay a mortgage and bills etc. I would do the NP as that has been my dream. However, I think it is important to continue my education regardless to open more doors in the future as I have, OOOHHH, about 20 years left to work!