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Marymount University


Hi, I was just accepted into the Marymount University program for the Fall 2017 semester. I am looking for some insight on teachers and overall any suggestions/comments about the regular BSN program. I am a transfer student from NOVA. I am also interested in books if you have them and even some insight over the uniforms the school has.

Thanks, Much appreciated!!

Hey, congratulations on getting into the BSN program. I am sending in my application for the fall 2017 semester later this week. Would you mind sharing what your GPA and TEAS score was?

Thanks for responding. I have a 3.7 GPA too. However, my teas score are not so good. Math-87.5, Grammar-79.2, Reading-66, Science-59. I am also scheduled to go to an information session in an couple weeks. Did they tell you stats of past students who have applied and been accepted in your information session? I am getting my letter of recommendation from my microbiology professor because I received an A in that class. I am worried that my low teas scores will cause me not to get accepted.

Thanks for the advice. I will most likely go ahead and retake the teas and aim for a higher reading and science score. hope to see you in the fall, thanks!