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Hello everyone!

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I have just completed my prerequisite courses for nursing program and am going to apply for Marymount university's BSN.

Can anyone tell me how the schedule for the accelerated program looks like. I am a mother of 3 little kids b/n 5-8yrs. And want to have idea about how my plan is going to take me. I would appreciate any idea about the clinical hours/ times etc.

Much appreciates!

I am awaiting feedback from those who can share experiences or have any information about that.

Thank you!


I believe I can help as I was both a student in that program and eventually a clinical faculty member in that program.

Clinical placement is based on school availability. When I was a student there, ach student gets a lottery number and goes and chooses which clinical site and time that they would like. The number of choices are few so it's not that much but at least it gives you a bit of a small choice.

As far as clinical times they can be anywhere from Monday through Saturday. Most clinical start at 6:30 a.m. And end around 2:30 or 3 p.m. It depends on which clinical you have. Again everything is based on school availability and what time's the hospitals allow for you to be there. It is imperative that you are open to any time.

And they accelerated program I believe I had maybe two clinicals a semester. Which may not seem like a lot but getting up two times a week at 5 can sometimes be daunting.

You won't know your actual clinical placement until really it's time to registration. And even then sometimes it changes.So if you have a job make sure it's incredibly flexible. And that you have really good day care if that is the plan.

Also clinical placement sites can be anywhere from Virginia DC and Maryland. So make sure you keep in mind distance that you're going to have to travel for clinicals. This is the same for any school in that area. Schools will give you placement where the hospital will allow

The clinical schedule is much like other schools too in Northern Virginia DC and Maryland. So really think about what school you want instead of what clinicals they offer.

I hope that helps.

Nurse Nicole

Twitter: @My1NursingDream

Thank you so much and I really appreciate your feedback. This was something that I needed and it is really helpful for my decisions.

Thank you at large!


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