When to start applying for Baltimore RN Positions

  1. I am going to be graduating in May from a school in West Virginia and I want to apply to hospitals in Baltimore. The hospitals in WV say to start applying for a job during January. Is this the same for Baltimore jobs? I am looking at places like: Johns Hopkins, Sinai, Shock trauma, Baltimore Washington Medical Center, etc.

    Also, do you know if I can apply to more than one job at a time? Like an ICU job and a CCU/CTU job?

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  3. by   MaleBSNRN
    I would start applying in January,especially since you are out of state. I started my job search around August 13th, 2011 and the interview process, physical, registration for a temporary nurse practice permit, NCLEX, job search, I am starting on December 5th. I think that is about 4 months after I graduated. I have heard of several nurses being hired before they passed their NCLEX and I believe there are several Baltimore hospitals that will provide a NCLEX review if hired before you take boards.

    Definately review Maryland's Board of Nursing Website and do not be afraid of calling the board with any questions you may have regarding an issuance of a Maryland nursing license. It does not appear that West Virginia is part of the Nurse Licensure Compact so there may be a few hoops you need to jump through in order to get a Maryland license. At least your Maryland license will be recogized in 23 other states.

    You can apply for multiple positions, even within the same hospital chain. That is the approach that I used when doing a job search. I think I sent out 11 resumes to various UPMC hospitals. Did 4 interviews, two at the same hospital. I ended up with 1 nursing supervisor that was interested in hiring me. It is possible that you could have several offers and you might have to pick and choose. I liked the floor that offered me a position so I did not have a hard time choosing where I would like to start. Hope this helps.

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