UMSON CNL Fall 2017

  1. Hello all! I'm very interested in applying to UMSON for their CNL program for Fall 2017 entry. Does anyone know when the application will open up or better yet how to locate it under the drop down tab where it says "Application Type" in the application portal?
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  3. by   Twinkles1119
    I'm not sure of the exact date. I haven't seen anything about when the Fall 2017 application period will open up, but I would assume somewhere closer to December, you may want to call the school mid-November maybe and check with them. To find the option for CNL you would select Graduate Masters (level) - Nursing (MS) for the program - Nursing for the major and department and then you should see Clinical Nurse Leader under (Major Concentration). Hope this helps!
  4. by   JSochE
    Thank you so much! I have tried reaching out to the school via email and telephone to no avail. But you've been a great help!
  5. by   Whita
    Hi JsochE,

    You may have already got your question answered by now , but application is now open! I am also applying for Fall 2017.
  6. by   Cannurs
    Hey, I'm also applying. Did any get called for an interview yet?
  7. by   CNLApplicant
    Is everyone's application marked complete? I think my transcripts are taking some time.
  8. by   essieys
    Hi CNLApplicant,

    My application is not marked complete too, and I've tried emailing and calling the school, but never got a hold of them.
    Have any of you tried reaching the admissions via phone or email?
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  9. by   essentialhome
    Just had my interview today. Wish me luck!
  10. by   smnursing28
    Hi guys, I applied last month and my application says ready for review. I am hoping I'll get an interview. If anyone else gets an interview please post about it! Essentialhome, how was your interview?
  11. by   smnursing28
    If you don't mind, what are your stats?
  12. by   essentialhome
    I submitted my app early Nov 14th. I don't think they got my transcripts and lorcs till early Jan. I don't have a great gpa only 3.1 from undergrad and a 3.4 from a school I'm attending now for my prereqs.

    The interview was was pretty fun. They are very nice and it's more like a conversation than an interview. You won't have to worry about trick questions. Hope that helps.
  13. by   smnursing28
    Thanks for the info. I submitted all my inforamtion in Jan 13th so I am hoping I'll get an interview. I still have to take Microbiology during the summer. I am hoping this doesn't hurt my chances. My prereq GPA is a little lower too, but I have a graduate degree in Publich Health with a very high GPA. I am hoping this will make my application stand out. Good luck, and let us know when your status is updated!
  14. by   Cannurs
    I had my interview the last week in January 2017. I enjoyed it a lot. They were also very friendly and made you feel less nervous. I'm sure you will get an interview soon! Good luck