Stevenson University BSN, Fall '13

  1. Hey Everyone,

    Is anyone applying to Stevenson for the fall? I'm attending the open house on Jan 22nd and the application is due 2/15. Just thought I'd see who else is out there applying!

    I'm currently in a BSN program at Washington Adventist but want to transfer to be closer to home. The commute to Takoma Park from Baltimore can be tough!
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  3. by   navnursecorps
    Hello AmesRT6510,

    I am applying to their traditional nursing program for the Fall 2013 and also attending the Closer Look at Nursing Information Session on the 22nd of January.

    I am also looking to apply at Washington Adventist, is it hard to get in?
  4. by   AmesRT6510
    Thats great, maybe I will see you there. I'm worried that my micro is a few years older then 5 years. I dont know how strict they are with that with significant health care experience.

    I don't think its too difficult to get into WAU. They've done an overhaul on their program because their accredidation was at risk. They have a new director and several new professors which is really helping. Its going well so far but it is a 2.5 year program. You need Organic Chem and 1 religion course on top of your regular nursing requirements. You can take the O.Chem the first semester though. They require 65 or greater on their TEAS. I think their requirements got a little stricter because this semester we only have 12 students where as the last class was 40+ students.
  5. by   navnursecorps
    Awesome! I'll see you then. I am afraid you need to retake your micro since its over 5 years old as it is stated on their prereq course list that Gen Bio, Chem, AP, Nutrition, Stat, and Micro must have been taken in the past 5 years. However, double check on that with an advisor maybe they will consider it since you are already in the nursing program at Washington Advestist.

    Do you know if Stevenson requires TEAS test?
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  6. by   AmesRT6510
    Hmm, yeah I will have to check. I did take Biology recently as a refresher... I wonder if that will help.

    They don't require the TEAS test for SU which is nice. I think A&P, Nutrition and Micro are the only ones within 5 years that need to be taken within that time limit.
  7. by   navnursecorps
    Hello AmesRT6510,

    Were you able to make it to Info Session?
  8. by   AmesRT6510
    hey navynursecorps, I did make it to the info session but unfortunately did not get in. I had some repeats in my undergrad work (10 years ago) and they are basing their decision off of that. Pretty unfair but I am in a great nursing program now (despite the commute which is the reason I wanted to transfer) so... whats meant to be will be~ Good luck to you!!