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Does anyone have any information on Patient First? I know that it is a primary and urgent care center, and I hear that it is a nice place to work. Can anyone tell me about the acuity, the staffing... Read More

  1. by   christinacub

    How very odd that you posted this today as I literally just walked in from my interview with Patient First. I knew they would provide a test because of the posts here which were helpful. BTW, I tried to write down some of the ques in case anyone else wants to know them. I passed the test evidently and am moving on in the process. The fellow interviewing me said "well I can offer you $28 hr" and I am currently making 35/hr for shift differentials. I am hoping that if he offers, I will then come back and encourage at least $30 an hr. What is the deal with their low pay? Maybe they prefer new grads? Kind of disappointing. We will see what happens. It looks like a pretty good place to work...looks busy. I have never worked ER but have worked occupational health. I haven't started IVs because when I did work in the hospital, we had an IV team do all the starts. Sooooo, we will see how I do with all of that. Honestly, I may take the job anyway at $28 an hour. I am just looking for PT anyway. But of course I will probably ask. I don't think it will hurt to ask if they offer. I did not talk about it in the interview. Two other nurses were right behind me lol.
    I would be curious to know of more nurses' experience working for Patient First...if they enjoy it...etc
  2. by   kinderRN
    :redpinkhe Christinacub,

    How is the process going with Patient First? Were you able to negotiate your pay? I was hoping to get $30/hr as I am a RN with 13 years exp mainly in pedi office/clinic settings with some adult med-surg and home health mixed in. hmm...We will see. I have a "screening interview" the end of the month so I guess if I do well and a position opens up they will offer me the job. Also, are they really flexible with the hours/shifts? I have three young children and want something like 8-5 Mon-Fri. Didn't really want to rotate shifts with my husband's work schedule being somewhat unpredictable now. Any information you or anyone else can provide would be greatly appreciated.
  3. by   christinacub
    Hey KinderRN,

    They haven't gotten back to me yet. I know they called my old bosses for references the day of the interview. I didn't expect I would hear back from them until this coming week anyhow. Next step is for them to call me, set up either a 2nd interview at the PF site or a shadow day(not sure which) so that the employees at the PF can see if I would be compatible...see if they like me. I will let you know when I hear something. I figure I won't be able to negotiate until they are ready to offer...after they have done all the work and made their choice...then I hit it lol
  4. by   kinderRN

    Wow...that is an interesting process. But I guess it makes sense in the grand scheme of things. Thanks for the reply and I hope all goes well for you. It seems like PF is a good place to work. So please keep me posted!
  5. by   christinacub
    okay I will let you know what happens.
  6. by   kinderRN
    Hi christinacub,

    Did you get hired at Patient First? If so, how is it going? I have an interview tomorrow with the nurse manager. I guess phase 2 of the process.
  7. by   christinacub
    Hi Kinder,

    Funny you should ask. I went for the 2nd interview yesterday. She spent an hour asking me similar interview questions. This PF just opened so its all very fresh and new. Then she took me through the open area(I i had dressed in scrubs and polo shirt for interview) and called back a patient and let me see how things were done. It seems very "fast." Everything is done on the computer and labels. I like how the pharmacy works...a numbered system. I'm weak in IVs and had to admit it. That may affect my getting the job. Otherwise, I seemed pretty qualified since I have experience in Pediatrics and Occupational health. I'd be part time/prn.

    The PF I interviewed at is apparantly one of the busiest. Well, I won't hear back from the Supervisor until Monday at least. She is making her decision. She did say that as of yesterday, I was the only nurse routed her way and they need help very soon. So it doesn't seem I have alot of competition for now but that could have changed as she had some other interviews lined up for today..though they may have been lab people etc.

    Good luck and let me know how the interview goes. Give me your first impressions.

  8. by   StaceyRN79
    Hi Cristinacub,
    I have a phone interview set up with patient first in Maryland today and an in person interview with them on Wednesday. Any advice on the types of questions they ask and what might be on the med test? I'm currently a peds rn. Thanks in advance!
  9. by   StaceyRN79
    Hi Cristinacub,

    I'm doing a phone interview with patient first today and then an inperson one on wednesday. Any advice on questions they might ask? Also what should I concentrate on for the med test? I'm currently a peds rn. Thanks in advance!
  10. by   christinacub
    Okay I wrote a bunch of stuff then lost it...errrr

    Questions: Your nursing philosophy, what is your strengths, weaknesses? Did you have a conflict with another employee and how did you resolve it?" What would fellow employees say about you/your work. If you are under stress and working alone sum up your thoughts into one word. What makes a good supervisor? What did or didnt you like about your old job. What makes you a good fit for PF?

    Test questions...allll about pharmacology and needle length and gages. Know your PCNs, Demerol/what can be paired with Demerol, Toradol, Lidocaine, Valium, Epinephrine, Lomotil, Meklazine ,Bactrim opthalmic gtts(allergic question)Vistaril, Vancomysin. Basic antipsychotics
  11. by   rn4lyfe26
    Hi there. I just had my phone interview today and have my in person interview tomorrow. I am really nervous about the "test." Could you explain what you mean by pairing with the meds? And for dosing does it go into a lot of detail or just simple med math? Anything would help!!!