New RN training in Balt Washington Med Center

  1. Hi I am moving to Baltimore ( Anne Arundel county) early next year. I am a new RN with less than a year of experience. I would appreciate if you can give me info about what it is like in working in these hospitals:

    Balt Washington Med Center
    Howard County General Hospital

    Thank you.
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  3. by   SiennaGreen
    Hopkins is fantastic if you would like to return to school. They will reimburse you 10k a year toward school if you are working FT. I think it is 15K a yr if you are attending JHU SON. Plus, the name looks great on anyone's resume. I have heard really good things about BWMC also, but as with anywhere I think it depends on the floor/unit.
  4. by   anc33
    I think it might honestly depend on they type of nursing you are dawn to. They are serve very different communities. I only have experience at Hopkins and if you like complicated patients, a challenge, more of an academic environment, etc, then Hopkins might be for you. I can personally say that I loved it there. I have never felt like such a part of the "team" and had my opinions so well respected. All of the docs, nurses, etc are so knowledgeable and are such great resources. But expect to do more work than just bedside nursing, RNs at Hopkins are expected to do research, present posters and papers in an effort to work their way up the clinical ladder.