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Greetings MD Nurses!!!! I am moving over to your side of the states in July and wanted to ask about a few hospitals that I have applied too. So far.. I have two interviews at JHH in the Cardiac... Read More

  1. by   Cerridw3n
    Sounds good, Ann2Water

    I look forward to exploring the new world that is Maryland. It sounds like there are a lot of diverse areas packed within a 'tiny' space. I can certainly appreciate that from where I am moving out of. In California, communities are so spread out that people become geocentric (if that is even a word) to their location. Between Eureka/Arcata, San Francisco/Bay Area, and Los Angeles... it's like they might as well be different states with the 5-6 hour drive between each one.

    take care,

  2. by   Cerridw3n
    Quote from ANN2WATER
    and theennnnnn............
    when you tire of the "rat race" on that side of the ditch (Chesapeake Bay, that is..)
    come to our side, the eastern shore...
    look me up. til then....
    learn lots, and enjoy.
    Ann, RN, eastern shore, Maryland

    OMG.. 9months into Nursing at JHH... Rat race is RIGHT!
    Tell me about the eastern shore

    Come to think of it.. Howard County anyone? I am thinking of casting my net into calmer waters.

  3. by   birthmamaew
    I'm a student at JHUSON right now and we spend a lot of time at JHH for clinicals. There are a number of grad students who live in Owings Mills and take the metro straight to the basement of JHH. They absolutely love it. They like it much better than living in the cioty because they actually feel as if they get to "go home" instead of just crashing at the place across town where their bed is located. The metro is a super deal, comfortable and you don't have to pay for parking.(Though I go by NYC standards,so take that as you will) Although Hopkins itself is very nice, it's not the kind of area where you want to leave your car on the street for a 12 hour shift. I also have to agree about MGH: Hazard pay! Good luck!!
  4. by   birthmamaew
    Also, have you checked out Sinai Hospital?? Beautiful.