Montgomery College, Fall 2011, 1st semester students

  1. Here is our new thread ladies (Nikki, Andrea, Kristian, Marissa...and whoever else will be starting at MC this fall).
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  3. by   MomBak2Skool|xgn

    I like the fit of this top, but I only see 2 pockets and it says 3!! Lol
  4. by   MomBak2Skool

    I kinda like this one better cuz of the pockets. And it's cheaper!
  5. by   Lil-Dragon
    Andrea- I like both. There are a couple of other styles on Pennies that I also like. I wonder how many sets we'll need and if the vendor @ orientation will have a good selection with a better price.
  6. by   MomBak2Skool
    That's what I'm wondering too Kristian. If the vendors there are cheaper, I may decide to go with them. Although, I have sensitive skin and would prefer cotton/poly fabric so hopefully they'll have some of those cuz most of what I've seen is straight polyester or rayon. I really like Dickies because they're so durable; I wore them when I worked at a veterinarian hospital for years and never had a problem. Unfortunately, mine were blue so I can't use them if MC is going to insist that we wear white. I want to get at least 2 pairs; that way if one pair is dirty/being washed I still have another pair to wear. I wonder if we also need a lab coat? I think I read that a lab coat has to be worn in the lab at all times...
  7. by   mom23boyz
    Yes, I am pretty certain we need to wear a lab coat during labs as well. If you watch their youtube videos they all have white coats on. I think I read it in the handbook too.

    This white thing sucks though. I'm seriously going to look like a marshmallow.
  8. by   MomBak2Skool
    I just read we have to wear white shoes too!?!?! I was hoping to wear my fave comfy sneakers: my grey/white New Balances. I wonder what kind of shoes would be best to wear for standing on your feet all day? Something from Easy Spirit??? This white thing is really bugging
  9. by   mom23boyz
    Here is a cute/stylish top. Wonder if we can get away with it. I have a feeling they just want us to wear the box tops.

    I was wondering about the shoes too. I was hoping to just wear sneakers or crocs. I knew they had to be white but most sneakers these days are white with some sort of accent color. We're gonna look like orderlies from an insane asylum in the 1960s.
  10. by   Lil-Dragon
    All white...down to our underwear. I'm starting to worry about that time of the month. My husband told me about a brand of shoes the staff @ his doc's office wears, but neither of us can remember the name at the moment. When I get the name, I'll post it.
  11. by   mom23boyz
    I was concerned about that time of the month too Kristian.

    I might get these shoes. All the sketchers I've ever owned have been very comfortable. These are mostly white. I'm sure they'd be fine.
  12. by   MomBak2Skool
    I just found a highly recommended shoe for nurses called Nurse Mates. They come in all different styles (slip-ons, backless, lace-up, etc.). They're pretty pricey but they have them for cheaper on Amazon.

    I totally LOL'd when I read that comment Nikki-"orderlies from an insane asylum in the 1960s"!!! Sooo true!!! I like the tunic tops too...I hope they're not too picky on the styles but I have a feeling they will be since they seem to be real picky about everything else...

    Kristian, I'm worried about that too!!! Think they'll cover that topic during orientation? Lol
  13. by   MomBak2Skool

    Here's the pair I like the most. I'm gonna try to find them on Amazon. The article I read also suggested Dr. Scholl's gel inserts.
  14. by   Lil-Dragon
    Nikki, you cracked me up! As for the top, it's cute but prob too "glam" for their standards.
    I like the style of the Sketchers and the Nurse Mates look extra comfy.