Kernan Ortho & Rehab Hosp.

  1. Hello,
    I was wondering if any is familiar with this hospital. I am thinking about applying on the med/surg floor as a student nurse.

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  3. by   acgemt
    I am not familliar with the hospital other than that I had surgery there. The care that I received was excellent, and the nurses really seemed to care about the patients. Hope this helps
  4. by   meesa214
    I used to work there...but in HR, not patient care. It's a nice small hospital with the majority of patients on the rehab side (CVA, TBI, SCU, and CMR).
  5. by   MarylandNsgStudent
    My sister was a patient at Kernan after a MVA and a TBI... She was in Shock Trauma before Kernan..., ST was one if the most outstanding nursing staff I have ever encountered. Professional, kind, caring, and intelligent. Now Kernan has different floors and she was on TBI- I found nursing care to so-so.., Dr's few and far between. OT/PT were great... You can always go there and make a difference.
  6. by   najaah
    hey tia did you get hire at kernan hospital i apply for several position including student nurse. i am a senior nursing rn student and i just recently move in walking distance from this hospital so this will be the perfect place to work but ever time i call in reference to my application they tell me the same thing if the manager is interested she will call me. i have the grades and i am very caring, polite and serious about life, i decided to come on this websites to look for a current or past employee that made speak on my behave please email me back at