I really need help moving from compact-compact state

  1. So i hear this is suppose to be simple... Well, idk if i am doing something wrong and no one ever answers at the state board office.
    I am moving from Arizona to Maryland--- both are in the reciprocity states.



    # 1-- can i apply for jobs with my current license? We are not moving for 2 more months.
    # 2--im confused as to which order i am suppose to do these in: It says if i am moving to Maryland as a permanent address, i apply for a licensure by endorsement. But it also says that i cannot apply until i complete the background check. How long after i recieve it in the mail and fill it out, do i wait to go online to apply? I just became a registered nurse in arizona in 2013 with multistate privileges. I still need to do fingerprints and background check? It says if i want those- to send an email to the address provided. I did over a month ago and its still not here :/ I just did it again today. Should i wait until i receive it to apply online? AND I DO* have to apply online and pay the $140 fee correct? for a temp and a permanent license? Or do i need both?
    #3-- Whats the point of NURSYS? They cant just go to the arizona board of nursing and see that my license is good? I have to pay another $30?
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