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Im so excited that I have an interview at Hopkins next week for a UAP/RN position. Im scheduled to meet with recruiter, and interview with two nurse managers and have share time on two floors. From... Read More

  1. by   fashionistaRN
    Quote from Sb30
    Hi fashionistaRN I am also very interested in Peds and I applied to about three of the Peds Nurse Clinician Jobs that were posted about a week ago, did you also apply? If so have you heard anything back yet ?
    Sorry for the late reply Sb30! I did apply to one position for the Peds Nurse Clinician and I received a primary interest e-mail couple days later. I just e-mailed the recruiter my preferences so hopefully it all goes well! Have you heard anything back?! Good luck to you!!!
  2. by   sbrownRN
    Quote from m.neugz
    Congratulations!!! Im taking it you got an RN position then? Lucky duck!!! I am certainly not complaining about starting as a tech, as Im sure I will get some great experience...but...I cant AFFORD to work as a tech for long! I'll be working to pay for daycare for the time being! Grrrr!
    Thank you When do you do orientation???
  3. by   sbrownRN
    oops, yes it is an RN position! I understand the daycare...it's so expensive!!!
  4. by   BalmerRN
    Hey SBrown...Have read through all of these posts about interviewing at Hopkins and I'm slated for 2-3 interviews in the next two weeks. Can you give any info on how your first year has been? Salary, support/orientation, etc.? Thanks...super excited about getting back to Charm City