Harford CC Fall 2018

  1. Who else recently submitted their application for fall? They said decisions will be made after spring break, seems like forever lol
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  3. by   meghannngene
    I did! Anxious!! I saw people posting last year their owlnet major changed from nursing prep to nursing like a week before their acceptance letters arrived.. so the last week of march I'm gonna be checking like crazy!
  4. by   mariaftmn
    I'm going to try not to drive myself crazy by checking but I'm sure I'll be checking too. Lol. They said they understand we're anxious and usually have something on their voicemail about the status. Fingers crossed! Did you apply anywhere else?
  5. by   meghannngene
    No, all of my eggs are in this basket. Prob why I'm so anxious lol. What about you?
  6. by   mariaftmn
    Lol same! Just going to wait and see what happens. They're accepting more people this cycle so shouldn't be as competitive. I'm hoping that's the case lol
  7. by   lrochester
    I apply for Fall/summer Fall as my first choice. Spring break is so far away
  8. by   lrochester
    Thanks Mariaftmn for that information ease my nerves a little bit
  9. by   lrochester
    I hope we all get accepted, lets keep each inform of any news fingers cross.
  10. by   meghannngene
    Anyone else going completely insane? Decisions are so close, but still feels so far away!! Can we all report back here whenever we hear anything?
  11. by   mariaftmn
    Not yet but after spring break I'll be so anxious! I hope there's no delays and they send decisions out right after break! Or at least change majors in owlnet lol
  12. by   mariaftmn
    Okay, so this is week 6 just about and I'm getting anxious lol. Anyone check their major?
  13. by   lrochester
    I check last night nothing yet we should be getting our letters sometime next week
  14. by   meghannngene
    I check every morning haha! Nothing yet!