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  1. I'm a new grad of a Diploma program in NC. I'm moving to Maryland and am actually interviewing at JHU. I have had mixed reaction from Nurse recruiters as to my being a Diploma Nurse. I'm a bit taken aback by what seems to be an elitist attitude in Maryland and DC. My Diploma School is affiliated with Duke and has an exellent reputation in NC, and I've been actively and aggressively recruited by Hospitals in NC & California including Duke and UCSF. Is it just me or are Maryland & DC hospitals hostile to Diploma Grads? JHU is one of the only hospitals that actually responded and seemed interested in interviewing me. WHich is fine with me as they are my first choice for a place to work. I also have been surprised at seeing how many of these DC hospitals want to hire New grads as "interns" or Fellowship Bridge type positions at a lower salary. What gives?
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    I haven't heard of any problems with any type of RN who has a MD license in regards to Diploma, ASN, BSN, etc., unless the job is management and requires a BSN and then sometimes they will let years of experience cover the years of schooling. I personally feel Diploma nurses have an edge with experience myself do to your hands on. Also, when U of MD and JHU came to our ASN program for a recruitment fair they stated they would hire us before their own due to our program having more clinical time then theirs'. This is just what they told us. There may be several reasons for the time that you haven't heard from the other hospitals. There is a big problem with nurses all around the country not having the correct license and criminal backgrounds. As far as the interns/fellowship bridge this is not uncommon for new nurses but is more like an orientation time. They don't want to pay big bucks for recruiting and training if you don't stay and this is a way to cut back. Again, don't be discouraged this is not new although not a practice in all hospitals, etc.
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    Thanks for the reply....I'm also a male nurse. I am taking NCLEX next week have all my ducks in a row for NC licensure and I know NC is part of the multistate compact so I should have no trouble with licensing. I guess I was a bit surprised when I contacted the Nurse recruiter at Bethesda National Naval Medical Center and she offhandedly mentioned that she didn't even know that there were diploma schools still in existence. Anyway she offered an internship starting at 33K and lasting a year and I was a bit shocked at that. Also when I told her I had 10 years experience as a Corpsman in the Coast Guard she indicated that that didn't even matter. So I was a bit taken aback. Howeve I'm over it Interviewing at JHU in a couple weeks and hope to land something there.
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    Wife and I just saw that movie the Guardian which was great. Good luck with the NCLEX and JHU interview...