Considering a move from Bayview to Maincampus Johns Hopkins

  1. Does anyone have anything to offer related to moving from Bayview Campus to Main campus of johns hopkins. The rotating day/night and requirement to work 40 hours per week for basically a salary is confusing and I can't be sure that its a good move for me. I am interested in gaining new experiences but I have small kids and the day/night thing is new for me. Anyone know about the benefits? Costs of parking? Basics. Thanks!
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  3. by   thekellyone
    So I currently work at JHH and I have to say the benefits are great. The HR told me that in total just for me it is worth 20,000$ a year alone. That being said the whole "salary" component is very confusing. HR does explain it well when you go in. Basically They are are the PACE system which is about different transitions in your career with experience. So pretty much you get 40 hours a week on your paycheck even if you work 30 hours one week and 50 the next they count you for 80. Basically as long as you have 240 hours in a 6 week period you can disperse your hours however you like. Bedside nurses have priority parking meaning they have to give us a spot which is 70 dollars a month if you are a RN but not a bedside RN is 140$. anymore ?s let me know!
  4. by   colesedwards
    Thank you so much for replying! The parking is twice as much as I pay now which is adrag. The benefits would probably be close to the same as I work at Bayview and we have the same EHP plan I just don't know how much the cost difference is.

    I am mostly concerned about the day/night rotation thing. I only work days at bayview and while working some nights might be fine and a break from the fast pace of day time I just have never done it. I am older and have small kiddos and wonder if the nights will kill me! That is really the only part that makes me hesitate.

    Also, do you have to work 40 hours or could you just work the 36? I guess they will tell me at my interview! I think it will be a good move, I will learn a lot and is more of what I want to do so I am hoping they want me there!
  5. by   thekellyone
    They definently have 36 hours positions they are considered .9 40 hours is considered .10...just ask if they want you for the job I'm sure they can make some allowences