CCBC Nursing Fall 2015

  1. Hi all!! Just wondering if anyone else applied to the upcoming fall semester to CCBC? I want to get a feel of all the competition that I am up against.... LOL!
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  3. by   katzsa
    Hi there,
    Yes, I just submitted my application today for Fall 2015 Catonsville days. What about you?
  4. by   Mursegeek17
    Hi Katzsa, I applied to the day program at Essex for the fall. I'm excited and nervous at the same time.
  5. by   mistyxo
    I am graduating from Essex this semester. Good luck to you both! It's a crazy ride.
  6. by   Mursegeek17
    Nice!! Congrats Mistyxo!!! If you could could you give us some Do's and Don'ts and your overall experience? It would be really helpful to the newcomers and newbies.....
  7. by   mistyxo
    Thank you!

    The biggest advice I can give you is put your everything into this. If you can't devote you time, effort, and full self into it you won't succeed (and the program does a good job weeding those people out). That's not to scare you guys off, just be prepared and dedicated. They are going to tell you during orientation that you WILL fail some exams...this isn't necessarily true. Failing in nursing school is below a 75% (so still a C). You must get above that on each exam, which I can tell you, is EXTREMELY possible. Just put in the effort. Your social life is going to be put on the back burner. I've gone a full semester without seeing anyone but my family I live with and my nursing friends haha just put school in the forefront of your life and you will do great!

    On that note, study study study study and READ! I can't stress that enough. Nursing exams are super different that what you are used to. Every answer will be correct, it's about which is the MOST correct. If you have put in the time, the tests won't be as tricky to you (even if at the time you think it was the hardest exam of your life lol). Make study guides, re-write the powerpoints, take notes, record lectures, ask as many questions as you need to.

    My only advice for clinical is to make sure you practice your skills that you learn in lab. Not only will you be tested on them, but you definitely apply them in clinical. Be genuine. Don't be nervous! The patients and nurses are usually great with students. Don't be afraid to ask the nurses questions!!! They were in your shoes (some of them recently) and will give you tips and hints to help you out. Also, never pretend to know answer that your clinical instructor asks you. If you don't know tell them. They are they to help! Make sure you eat breakfast and get a really good night's sleep the night before.

    Just remember to have fun. Nursing school goes by so quickly. You will meet some of your best friends during this experience. Don't stress and don't be hard on yourself! (That was my biggest weakness) Don't be afraid to cry, most of your friends will be crying with you haha there will be tears of joy and sadness and definitely frustration. Nursing school can be frustrating but when you see the light at the end of the tunnel it's so worth it.

    Nursing isn't just a profession it's a passion. Devote yourself and you will be amazing!
  8. by   Mursegeek17
    Thanks so much misty! This was very informative and awesome altogether. I am so excited. I just hope that I do get in with all of the competition. I am just worried because I am going to be enrolled in 2 prereq classes at the time of submission. I hope that does not hinder my acceptance. -_-. Thank you again!!
  9. by   khat74
    Hi, I applied to the CCBC Essex night/weekend program.
  10. by   Mursegeek17
    Great Khat74. Did you take the TEAS yet? What's your gpa?
  11. by   khat74
    4.0, 86.7%. How about you?
  12. by   Mursegeek17
    That's awesome!!! MY GPA is not as spectacular as yours. GPA 3.0 TEAS 79% YOU are totally IN!!!
  13. by   khat74
    Thanks, you will get in too. Did you apply for night/weekend?
  14. by   Mursegeek17
    No, I was too scared. LOL. I applied to the day program. From what I hear, people have a better chance in getting into the day program rather than the evening weekends. more people apply for the evening program, and they have less seats. I want to have a better chance with less competition.