1. Hey! Has anyone graduated from this program? Is anyone in it now or applied for Fall 2017? I'm super curious about the schedule and any tips would be awesome!!
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  3. by   lpnhopeful17
    No one commented on my previous post... maybe everyone is only applying to CCBC's ADN program?
  4. by   pneapplegrnade
    Hey did you get into the program? Im trying to apply for 2018 fall. Any tips?
  5. by   Jen4md
    Hi, did anyone apply to the program?
  6. by   pneapplegrnade
    Quote from Jen4md
    Hi, did anyone apply to the program?

    Was too late to apply, plus i didnt do so well on the TEAS. Hope you get in !! Keep us posted.
  7. by   Jen4md
    Thanks. I scored proficiency on the TEAS and my gpa is low. I'm really worried that might not be enough to get in the program.
  8. by   Jen4md
    Did anyone else applied to the lpn program?
  9. by   Mislynnee15
    I applied for the LPN 2018 also! From what I see we should find out anyday now if we got in! Good luck!
  10. by   Jen4md
    Thanks and good luck to you too. I wonder how many people applied to the program. Also if you don't mind my asking, what is your gpa and TEAS test score?
  11. by   Bmore1
    I was accepted into the program last week. Good luck to you!
  12. by   Harrellc15
    I WAS ACCEPTED INTO THE PROGRAM LAST WEEK ALSO! I honestly didn't think I would be accepted, I'm so excited and nervous.
  13. by   Bmore1
    Congratulations! See you at orientation
  14. by   rnsoonpls
    What was your GPA? I'm applying for fall 2019 and im very worried my gpa is too low