CCBC ATB program Spring 2018

  1. Hi there! I know is a little early, but anyone else applying for the spring 2018 ATB Program? I recently moved back to MD and I wanted to connect with other applicants.
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  3. by   Cheekyrose
    Hi Jumerces, welcome to MD! Have you applied yet? I am in the process of getting everything together. I still haven't taken my teas. I am taking it in two weeks. I hope I score high enough so that I don't need to retake it.
  4. by   mil859811
    I hope your TEAS go well. I took mine last weekend. I was surprised how hyped up the TEAS was, I thought it was going to be a lot of challenging questions but I think it was mostly easy questions. I got a 90.7 overall, it took about 48 hours for the test to result. I am finishing up my last 14 credits this summer (Chem 107/108, Ethics, CMNS 101, and Math153). This was a very busy semester thus far, but I am excited to be off for the fall. I am applying for the Essex day program with the ATB option for Frostburg and Towson.
  5. by   Lb11
    I am also applying to CCBC's spring 2018 ATB program. I hope to be accepted into notre dame. I am taking the teas test in a week and I'm so nervous!
  6. by   est_
    OMG!! your teas score is amazing I take mine in a week any advice on how to study?
  7. by   Cheekyrose
    Wow mil859811! That score is amazing! Thank you, I got an overall score of 76 on my TEAS. The test wasn't too hard. I probably didn't study as well as I should have. I'm hoping to get into the day program in the Catonsville with ATB option for Frostburg or Towson as well.
  8. by   Cheekyrose
    LB11 and est_ I hope you guys did well on your TEAS.
  9. by   DBanks97
    Heyy everyone! I applied for CCBC Catonsville Day Program. I've been looking for other people who are applying as well. so glad I found this thread. Good luck & I hope we all make it in!
  10. by   Mommy_of_two
    Hi! I've applied to ccbc rn for spring 2018. I scored advanced on the teas 87.5 & my gpa is 3.76 w science gpa of 3.5. I'm registered for a&p 2 & micro in fall, so I'm hoping my teas & current gpa are enough to get in. Good luck to everyone!
  11. by   Mommy_18
    Hello eveyone I applied to Day program at Catonsville. Im hoping I get in. Good Luck everyone
  12. by   Cheekyrose
    Today was the deadline. I hope everyone was able to submit everything on time. Good luck to all of us!
  13. by   Lb11
    I just received an email that they were reviewing my app! I'm so nervous/excited!
  14. by   Nurseontherise1
    Has anyone heard back yet? I haven't even received an email that my application is being reviewed :/