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I'm currently an RN student who is looking to become a CRNA. I was wondering if anyone could inform me on the types of housing CRNA schools offer (if any) for married couples and what their price ranges are like. Thank you!


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Also, I realize i'm at least a year away from becoming a student at a CRNA school, but I'm still curious because I like to plan ahead.


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Well, I am not even in nursing school, but I can tell you the answer to this question. It will vary wildly depending on where you go to school just like anything else. Just imagine the difference between say a school in NYC versus the rural south.

Also, if you are still an RN student and not yet working in an ICU etc, you have far more than a year ahead of you before becoming an SRNA.


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My school basically says you can live in this dorm-like residency near campus (which I'm very skeptical about. I definitely don't want to end up rooming with an 18 year old), or they just give you a few sites to search for your own housing around the city. In other words, there's no school-sponsored graduate housing.