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I got accepted into the DEMSN for Pleasant Prairie location in Wisconsin for Marquette University. I wanted to make this thread for those who are also admitted, applying, or looking for housing within the area! 


Congrats ! I applied to Summer 2024. What were your overall stats? Decisions go out in about a couple of weeks and I'm so nervous!


When I asked how they calculated GPA I was told they took my graduating GPA (as I transferred) so

cGPA: 3.29

sGPA: was all A's except for 1 B in anatomy! 

Also wanted to ask if you know anything about Alverno College's program? Is Marquette's better?

I don't know much about Alverno, but I hear bad reviews. But it is from two years ago, so I do not know how accurate it is. I have never heard anything positive. Personally, their commercials always pop up on my tv, so IDK but I always am skeptical of schools who overly advertise themselves LOL. 

With Marquette, I have more personal experiences. I talked directly to a student in the DEMSN program currently and she gave me her honest opinion of the program and she had nothing but positive things to say. With the distance program, she mentioned that the professors are hands-on and there is plenty of support. I hear my decision in two weeks. I hope I get in, it is my number one.

Yeah, when I go online to look for reviews it's pretty bad, and the graduation rate (I guess its for undergrad but still) its low, like 40% low. Are you from the Milwaukee area? 

I don't know anyone from the program, so I'm nervous because I am trying to find stuff about it before I move and which program is better. I guess I am wondering about the quality of program for each school. Can I know some things that your friend said about it? How are clinicals? Was it well ran? Good luck on your decisions, was there a reason why you didn't want to apply for Spring?

Clinicals are ran pretty well because I actually ran into the nursing student as a patient in the ER one time and that's when I was able to gain insight about the program and she told me that she highly recommended it. I live in Racine which is about 27 mins away. I am actually from Los Angeles, CA. I applied to Spring because I wanted in-person didactic and also because I get out the military soon, so the applicable term is Summer for me. 

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