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Marketing as a nurse..

moRN10 moRN10 (New) New

Just curious if we have any nurse marketers out there. I am a home health nurse. I've been doing home health for five years now. I live south of Missouri in a pretty rural area so I spend 3 days a week working in St. Louis and 2 days a week working where I live. I am an infusion home health nurse at my city job and my rural job offered me a full time position that I am considering. I will continue to make my home visits but they also want me to market to bring in infusion patients. They are a pretty small agency (only two RNs, myself included). I would like to take the position so I can stop driving to the city 3 days a week but I've never marketed before. I don't even know where to start. I guess if anyone out there can give me some insight that would be great.


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