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What is the market for school nurses in WI and MN?

Any recommendations for a 23 year old BSN looking at this specialty? Which is more employable, a Master's or Certification?



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I just moved from Minnesota. I think it is a dynamic environment to be a school nurse with skilled colleagues and a strong school nurse organization. You will really grow professuionally in this environment.

As in many states, districts are either cutting school nurses or cutting hours to meet their budgets. Despite this, there are almost always jobs. In Minnesota, you need the school nurse license obtained through the Board of Education (formerly, Children, Families and Learning). You can apply for a SN job if you are eligible for licensure. The first year you will get a provisional license as long as you had the appropriate courses for your BSN and qualify for the PHN certificate through the Board of Nursing. At the end of the year, you will be awarded the permanent license. Few Wisconsin or Minnesota nurses have national certification (I do have it), but they are trying to remedy that. Having said that, the University of Minnesota offers a master degree and has School Nurse specific course work and clinicals, whether you go for the Clinical Nurse Specialist or PNP. Many nurses in Minnesota get the job, and then go for the Masters. One reasons is that the more education you have, the more the district has to pay you, giving them a financial incentive to hire a less educated BSN over a MSN. Other districts value the Masters and look for it hiring. Definitely, look into the Minneapolis and St. Paul districts as they frequently hire this time of year. Both districts are coordinated by dynamic forward thinking nursing leaders. Some job openings are posted:

See Minnesota's website:

Minnesota is holding a School Nurse orientation next week at Bethel College - try to attend at least one day. If you are serious about getting a school nurse job, go all days - the information is priceless!!! I attended jobless in 1998 and at the orientation was offered a dream school nurse job 5 miles from my house.

If you cannot, call the organizers and ask them to share your resume with the nursing supervisors. Ask when the next "Metro meeting" is and the next SNOM Board meeting is, and again ask that your resume be distributed.


Good luck - report back!!!

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