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I am interested in finding out if other RN's practice Holistic manipulative/body-based therapies, in private practice(preferably in Texas). I live in Texas so I want to be sure that I am within my Scope of Practice as far a Nursing and not over step the boundaries of Massage practice either. I am a Certified Personal Trainer as well as a RN and have certifications in Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy(Erik Dalton), Medicupping and Orthopedic Massage(James Waslaski). I think I have my bases covered, in that I do have certifications for these CAM therapies and I continue to do CE's when available. I DO NOT portray myself as a "massage therapist" and inform patients prior to sessions that I am a RN with training in these areas of CAM rather than a LMT or CMT.

I have contacted both the Texas BNE and TX Dept of Health Massage to be sure that I am covering my bases and both entities gave me guidelines to look at, which I think I have covered, but, I still feel like there is a grey area. I would really like to hear from other RN's who practice CAM/manipulative and body-based therapies and any problems, suggestions or information would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much!


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Hey pos-healthRN,

I am also trying to find other holistic rn's who practice holistic/alternative modalities on their own in private practice here in TX.

As I am trying to find out the range of practice for holistic rn's providing these services.

I'm trying to get a hold of the BON to help with these questions but it's been difficult and finding this information on their website is just confusing.

Have u had any luck finding more information from other holistic rn's in texas who are in private practice about this?

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