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Managing Patient Outcomes

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We are nursing students, looking for real examples of outcome management in nursing. In managing outcomes, the information derived from measuring client outcomes is collected, trends are identified, and appropriate care needs are determined to improve care. The goals of outcome management are quality improvement and risk reduction. We've learned that outcome management takes a multidisciplinary team. Various factors influence outcomes which results in difficulty analyzing such information.

Huber, D. (2010). Leadership and nursing care management. Maryland Heights, Mo: Saunders.

Who are all the members involved in the multidisciplinary process surrounding outcome management. What is your role?

What methods have been most effective for you and your coworkers to determine and evaluate patient outcomes?

Based on outcomes determined by feedback, what does it take to address issues identified?(How many cases must bring attention to an issue before other interventions occur?, etc.)


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Is this homework? If so, folks around here are generally willing to help but we won't spoon-feed you answers...

This is homework for our leadership class, but our assignment requires us to post on a national discussion board to gain perspective from nurses in practice so we can bring what information we find back to our class. We appreciate any discussion on this!